Bucket List

This is our constantly growing archive of things we have done or plan on doing. If you guys ever have more ideas, or you’ve done things on our list we would LOVE to hear your feedback, leave us a comment, questions, links or even email us if you need more specifics or have more ideas.


  1. Go zip lining
  2. Cliff Jumping
  3. Zombie Mud Run
  4. See Twenty One Pilots
  5. See Walk The Moon
  6. See Imagine Dragons
  7. Color Run
  8. Take an Ariel Silks Class
  9. Go Paintballing
  10. See a Meteor Shower
  11. Electric Run
  12. See a Broadway Show
  13. See a Rocky Horror Picture Show
  14. Go to California
  15. Go to Europe
  16. Go Zorbing
  17. Tie Dye Clothes
  18. Go to a Music Festival
  19. Climb to the top of a Mountain
  20. Wear a morph suit in public
  21. Get a bellybutton piercing
  22. Go horseback riding
  23. Go camping
  24. Walk across George Washington Bridge (New York City)
  25. Go snorkeling

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