Hey everyone! I’m Sophia a wishful photographer, writer, and traveler.

After wanting to create a blog to share our thoughts, ideas, and adventures for quite some time,

Anna and I finally created a blog to showcase just that. We hope you enjoy! ♥

– Sophia


Hello! I’m Anna Jean, I want to see the world and share my ideas. I love traveling, running,

art and I laugh much to hard at my own jokes. I plan on impacting the world in a big way.

Any questions, feel free to contact Sophia or me, we don’t bite I swear. ☯

Lots of love,


13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi ! I love your blog, in particular I love that you have so many different topics you write about (music, fashion, life, etc.). I wanted to do something similar on my blog, which is mostly a personal life blog, but I’d like to add other categories. The only thing I’m wondering is how exactly you got the categories to show up in the header. I’ve been struggling with it for the past couple days and doing all this research, but I figured it’s my best bet to just ask you since it worked so successfully for you. For example, I wanted to have a page just focused on curly hair and stuff, and I want the header to link to these types of posts. Can you help ?


    1. Go to your WP Admin then go to “appearance” on the left hand side. In appearance one of the sub- categories is menus. When you click on menu the option “categories” should show up, and you can add categories and then add them to the navigation menu. Sorry if that’s confusing, I don’t really know how else to explain it. Hope that helps!!


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