Frosted Lips, a Frozen Kiss

IMG_9966An acrylic painting I did in one sitting. It could use some work, but it has a lot of emotions from the time I painted it, and I no longer feel the same way therefore it feels wrong to go back in and further the detailing. I started this painting as a finger painting, thinking about how each person has a unique vibe and energy to them. Recently, an old friend who I had lost contact with due to unfortunate circumstances came back into my life and through that friend I’ve begun to feel balanced again. Yes this painting is the moments leading up to a kiss, but in reality it is supposed to be more of a representation of a connection on a deeper level, something akin to soul mates. What are you opinions on soul mates? Do you think everyone has one? I would love love love to hear your guys’ views. It’s a topic thats really quite fascinating.

Love, Anna-Jean


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