Why I Hate March

March- the third month of the year, containing 31 days.

It’s officially my least favorite month of the year, March. There hasn’t been a year in my life so far, that I can remember, that I loved this month. Nothing happens. There’s no major holidays, no school break, nothing. Of course there’s St. Patrick’s Day, but come on what more can you do (unless you’re Irish and celebrate it of course) with that day other then wear green? We still have to go to school, so it doesn’t even feel like a holiday. Speaking of getting off from school, there isn’t a single day I don’t have to go to school in March! Not a single day. Because Presidents Break in February, and spring break is in April, March is kind of caught in between the two months. It’s too far away from the holidays, to still be on a holiday high, and not close to any other holiday or event to get excited for. Another thing about March is the weather. It sucks. It’s still cold, but your so close to warmer months that your just waiting in agonizing anticipation for April and May to come around, and for it to finally start to warm up. March is just full of annoying chilly temps.

It just so happens to be that March is also one of the longest months. Because February’s only 28 days, it seems to fly by, but March seems to last forever. After the 31 days are up, April finally comes, and I get excited for the upcoming Spring break. Just waiting for the long 31 days to go by, seems like a lifetime, which is just another reason to add to the list of why I hate March. That was my quick rant, and as you can all tell, I just can’t wait for this month to be over. I hope you all manage to have a better March then me, and that find something fun to do in the remaining 23 days.

-Sophia ♥


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