What to Wear: Sweet 16 Edition

Since I’m currently a sophomore, most of my friends are turning, or have turned 16. I don’t know why, but a sixteenth birthday is considered to be a huge milestone in a girl’s life. While 16 may seem like a bit of a random number, I know to me it does, a lot of people choose to celebrate this day in a big way. Whether it is a huge party, or just a small dinner with close friends, most people want their sweet 16 to be a memorable and fun night.

While planning your own party is stressful and hard, so is trying to find the perfect outfit to wear to one of your friend’s birthday. To help make picking out an outfit easier, here’s a guide to what to wear to any type of sweet 16.

Casual Dinner at Home

What I Would Wear:

A casual sweater with leggings


It’s a very simple look that makes you look put together, without making it seem like you tried too hard. The fact that its really comfy is definitely an added bonus!

Fancier Dinner Party

What I Would Wear:

A simple dress with wedges

IMG_6208 IMG_6235

I think for this type of party, my outfit is very weather dependent. If it’s spring or summer time, a floral or lace dress is always my go to. But in the winter, I’m more likely to wear a dress with longer sleeves (to stay warm), and with darker colors. The key to this type of party is to not get extremely dressed up, but still look collected. Really, any simple dress would be the perfect fit!

Full on Sweet 16

What I Would Wear:

A fancier dress with heels

IMG_6878 IMG_9815 IMG_9261 IMG_6883

If it’s a party where you know the birthday girl has rented out a whole venue, with music, food, and entertainment, it’s finally the time to get dressed up. For this kind of party, looking a bit more fancy is the right way to go. I’d wear a cute dress, and a nice pair of heels. If the sweet you’re going to has a specific theme, then maybe try to dress in accordance with the theme.

– Sophia ♥


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