Cute and Easy Hairstyles

Everyone knows that braids are in. To me, braids are the perfect hairstyle. They’re quick and pretty simple to do, and there’s so many different ways they can be worn. Braids can be used to make hairstyles simple enough for school, or fancy enough to walk down a red carpet. Here are two of my favorite ways to wear braids.


First off, in the picture above, is what I call, the braided bun. This might just be the easiest hairstyle to do. You’ll only need a couple bobby pins and a hair tie to do this braid. The steps recreate this look are-

  1. Braid your hair normally, starting at the nape of your neck, to the end of your hair
  2. Tie off braid with a ponytail
  3. Wrap braid around itself starting with the side closest to your head
  4. Bobby pin the end on your hair under the bun to hold bun in place


The second hairstyle is a French ponytail. To start you’ll need the same materials used to create the braided bun.

  1. Start braiding normally at the top of the head
  2. Once you’ve braided normally until about a centimeter behind the hairline
  3. Begin to French Braid (tutorial on French braiding here)
  4. French braid in a direction going towards the crown of your head
  5. Once at the center of the crown, tie hair into a ponytail
  6. Use bobby pins to pin down any stray hairs

In these pictures, my hair is either straightened, or I did the hairstyle on one of my friends. Naturally, I have pretty wavy/curly hair; so if you guys would like a tutorial on how I wear my hair naturally, let me know! Hope you guys liked this post!

– Sophia ♥


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