The Dirtiest F Word


A dirty f word, the skeleton in society’s metaphorical closet, social suicide, identifying as this will probably get you labeled as a man hater, both a taboo and a rising trend, feminism. Before getting into the purpose of this article let us first clarify the definition of feminism as defined by Websters dictionary

as : the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.

An often asked question in response to this definition is, why don’t they call it peopleism then? I like to answer that question with one of my own, “Why is the human race referred to as man kind? Why is the root word of human, man?” By saying feminism is a movement for females because of the prefix (fem), you’re saying mankind is only for men. The fact of the matter is, women were and continue to be mistreated as both people and professionals. Attention was brought to this in the mid 1960s when women had no individual, legal rights, were considered a mans property, and divorce was not allowed to be filed by a woman. Even in cases of domestic violence or forced sexual intercourse. So yes, feminism started because of women but it is not solely a women issue. It is an issue for all women.
It’s said that feminism is no longer needed, woman have equal rights now, but I look around and feminism is needed more then ever.
It’s needed because of rape culture. For rape jokes and court cases like Steubenville Highschool rape case where a drunk girl was gang raped and photographed, then the photos were posted on social media. The boys got persecuted with minimal sentences, and the girl? She was made a public humiliation, was degraded and even after the case gets blamed for her rape. She did not ask to be raped.
I need feminism because I am not taken seriously when I talk about my experiences with emotionally traumatizing relationships.
I need feminism because in 2013 I won a national engineering competition and people said the only reason we won was because my group was 2/3s female and the judges wanted more women in the field of higher education. As if my 800+ hours of work was dismissed.
 I need feminism because my schools co Ed weight room regulates female workout attire to prevent distracting the boys instead of educating the boys on proper mannerisms. Spandex shorts are worn as part of both the track team as well as the volleyball teams uniform. Olympic level athletes of the sport of track wear spandex. The over sexualizaion of female bodies in media has left it now though, that I have to wear different sports attire days I want to go into the unisex gym because my work out will impair the boys if I wear spandex.
I need feminism because of how boys get glorified for having sex and woman get degraded.
I need feminism because if you’re a boy who takes interest in his appearance or is involved with theatre you get misconstrued as a homosexual.
I need feminism because my curfew is an hour before any of my male friends or cousins because my parents don’t believe it is safe for me to be out by myself at night.
I need feminism because my sister is stunning, and at 13 she has been made uncomfortable by men much to old for her. I want to be able to walk down the street, I want her to walk down the street without fear. I want to ease my parents and parents everywhere.
I need feminism because I do not dress to please anyone. I will not flaunt my figure. I will not hide my figure.
I need feminism because men and women do not have equal rights, and it’s more acceptable for me to verbally bash another woman then fight for my rights.
I need equal rights because its the twenty first century and I will not quietly listen to people degrade issues that are so relevant in society.
With conviction,

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