Restaurant Review: The Stanton Social


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, finding a good restaurant to go to for a date is very important. Do you want a place that’ll be sure to wow your significant other? Look no further!

Last month I, along with some of my friends went to The Stanton Social, a trendy restaurant in New York. Located at 99 Stanton Street, New York, NY, this restaurant is a gem in the city. This place is unique, because it doesn’t serve full meals. Instead you and your friends, or significant other, can order a bunch of small plates to share. Every dish comes with bite-sized portions of food that alone are perfect for a quick snack, but paired with other foods, make a great meal.


When we went, my friends and I choose to order a bunch of items we wouldn’t normally choose to eat. We figured we should go a little out of our comfort zone, because we could find something new we really liked. So, for the first round of food, we ended up choosing the baked spanakopita, potato & goat cheese pierogies, and the hand pulled chicken arepas. All of the food was good, but it wasn’t the best food of the night.

The next round of food was kobe beef burgers, fried ‘chicken n’ waffles’, and rigatoni bolognese. This round was definitely better then the first. The chicken and waffles were a strange, but good combo, and the burgers were perfectly cooked. But, the sides to this round of food were the best out of the whole meal. The herb-dusted frites were like a new and improved version of fries, and the wok-charred edamame was fantastic!


To finish off the meal, we decided on warm doughnuts and reverse chip cookies. Before the cookies were brought out, I was curious to find out what a reverse chip cookie was. It turned out to just be a chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips, but it was delicious! The doughnuts were warm and fluffy, and also very good. Based off of my, and my friends’ opinions on the restaurant, I think it’s a great place to go if you’re looking to go out somewhere a bit different then your usual restaurant.

– Sophia ♥


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