Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide


As I’m sure most of you know, Hanukkah started 2 days ago, and Christmas is in exactly one week. Today also just happens to be my 16th birthday, so in the spirit of gift giving I thought I’d make a list of easy last minute gift ideas for procrastinators like me.


A good book

Everyone loves a good book, whether it is something funny or informational, so why not get someone something they can keep forever?

Here are some great options:

Journals By Kurt Cobain

The Polaroid Book

Looking for Alaska


A “movie theater” at home

For this gift all you need is a pretty basket, which you can fill with any variation of the items below.





-soda (or other drinks)

Just put the above items, most of which you could buy at your local pharmacy, in the basket, and then you’ll have a cute gift to give to a friend.


A Polaroid

Pretty self-explanatory I think and you can buy one at Urban Outfitters, or maybe even your local thrift store.


A subscription service

A subscription service is something that’s paid for monthly, and packages arrive to your door once a month. Most popular subscription services have holiday deals right now, which makes it a really easy gift to buy. For one of the below links, you can spend $30 and have a package shipped once a month for 3 months shipped right to the house of the person your buying the gift for!


Graze box

Pop sugar box


Concert Tickets

If you know what type of music the person your getting a gift for listens to, a fairly easy gift to buy are concert tickets. Most websites allow you to print the tickets right off of the computer making it a really fast way to get a gift.

– Sophia ♥


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