Touch of a Goddess


What girl in her right mind wouldn’t want to be compared to a greek goddess? Unless it was medusa, because lets face it that lady had some serious man hating issues not to mention unmanageable hair. That point aside… I knew when a dear friend of mine complimented my golden painted nails, saying they made me look like a goddess, it was by far one of the best compliments I have ever received and I loved the attention. (you know what they say about flattery)

Life can get boring and mundane, and even bright colors can begin to blur or wear on you, that’s why my latest and greatest new joy is to put little pops of sparkle in my day to day life in the form of gold. Gold painted nails, a few brass (gold colored) rings, a necklace or two, even incorporation gold toned eye shadows, can really add a new shine. Besides, gold is not a tarnished piece of silverware, gold demands attention and is quite eye catching.

The key is to not over do it. For instance, I would not wear brass rings and the gold nail polish at the same time. Use it lightly; let the accents speak for themselves. Don’t be intimidated, you are fierce and inside all of you is a Greek goddess waiting to be channeled and released. Let that gold sparkle ignite a new found confidence in you!goldmedal.closeuppennytalk.closeup

When I originally styled these two looks to go with the nail polishes “Gold Medal” by Sinful Colors and “Penny Talk” by Essie I wasn’t going to incorporate such bold make up, but I’m glad I took the risk with colored lipsticks and abstract eyeshadows. Below is a close up of the two outfits,

rae.luneshirt anna.jacket

If you guys would be interested in styling tips or anything, please let us know, we would love your feedback!

Love, Anna-Jean (Models: Anna Butler and Rachael Butler)


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