Hoodie Allen: Concert


A couple of nights ago a couple of my friends and I got the opportunity to see Hoodie Allen, one of our favorite artists, perform live. We arrived at the venue, The Theater at Madison Square Garden, at 3 o’clock even though the show started at 8. We wanted to get there early to make sure we had good spots inside, since the concert was general admission.

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About 3 hours before the show Hoodie tweeted out that the first 100 people in line who purchased merchandise would be able to meet him. Of course my friends and I hoped we had been the first 100 people since we arrived so early, but we weren’t sure if we were. Then, a few hours before the start of the show, at 6 the security guards at the venue let in the first hundred people. Turns out my friends and I were the last people that could take a picture with him. Meeting him made the 5-hour wait outside in the freezing cold worth it by far.

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Now onto the concert itself. The doors opened at 7, and everyone piled into the theater, and soon the opening acts hit the stage. Max Schneider, previously on the Nickelodeon show “How to Rock”, was the first act. I was impressed with his voice, because he sounded exactly the same live as I remember he did back on the show.


The next act was Chiddy Bang, and while I was not previously a Chiddy Bang fan, after his act, I had the desire to check his music out.


Even though both of the opening acts had great stage presence; it was clear whom the audience was waiting for. When Hoodie came on stage the crowd went wild.IMG_7731

The show started off with the song, “Movie”, from the new album. Throughout the show Hoodie performed not only new songs but oldies as well. Crowd favorites included Eighteen Cool and James Franco. Before the show people waiting in line would yell, “when I say James y’all say Franco” then go on to yell James, and people would yell back Franco, in tribute to the lyrics from the popular old song. Then, when he performed “Cake Boy”, Hoodie through an actual cake into the crowd, and while I’m sure the cake was good, I’m happy I wasn’t hit with it.



Another highlight of the night was when a raft was thrown in the crowd, and Hoodie sat in it, and surfed the crowd.


After less then 20 seconds of crowd surfing someone popped the raft, and Hoodie fell down barely a foot away from where my friends and I were. Once his security guards helped him get back on stage, the show continued without a hitch, and ended, at around 11, with a bang to “No Interruption”.


Overall the show was definitely something I would want to see again, and recommend to anyone who’s a fan of his music.

IMG_8038– Sophia ♥


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