Perception on the Body

before.after(Left: before/ Right: after)

Too often in our media overloaded world, people compare others picture’s to their own reality. Often when pictures are posted on social media, or famous people are seen in magazines, the photos are the best of the best, designed to make the person look as good as they possibly can. Sadly this is not an accurate representation of these people or your own expectations.

The pictures above were taken on the same day, a few hours apart. The models photos were taken before and after she ate a perfectly healthy meal, and demonstrate what many would call a “food baby” or when your stomach is bigger after you eat because it hasn’t fully digested. The purpose of these photos is to demonstrate that being healthy and happy is not equivalent to being skinny. They also show how the human body can be perceived, stretched, or changed depending on what you’ve done that day. There is no one accurate or correct way a body is supposed to look as long as you are healthy and comfortable.

This problem is especially relevant around the holiday season due to the fact that many people, women particularly will diet and fast leading up to a big holiday to look their best in pictures, then eat everything on the actual holiday just to return to their diet twice as hard after the holiday is finished. This is not a healthy way to live, and people need to understand if you take care of yourself, the human body you are given is beautiful and does wonderful things. If you love yourself and treat your body like the amazing machine it is, your body will do the rest. Eat healthy, both in what you consume and the portions you consume. Drink water, yes that can cause bloating but as your body processes it you’ll feel better, live longer, be less tired, and stay hydrated. Exercise, and after you exercise refuel your body with nutrient, protein and carb (yes carbs are good) filled meals. Having a food baby or bloating doesn’t make you fat, it is a normal thing your body needs to do to function. Don’t compare your behind the scenes to everyone else’s star moments. You’re given one life, and one body so learning to be healthy and not having unrealistic expectations will allow you to live a fuller and happier life.

Love, AJ


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