Take Care of Yourself

With school sports, numerous clubs, and living life to the fullest, I find it nearly impossible to find time to take care of myself the way I should. You only have one body, and too often taking care of it isn’t a priority in day-to-day life, therefore I created a mental reminder list of things to do to help me take better care of myself.

1. Drink at least two bottles of water through the span of a day.

People underestimate how much water helps you. Headaches exhaustion, and overeating, can all be caused by not having enough water in your system. I space out two bottles throughout the day as to avoid bloating. So drink up!

2. Paint my nails every two weeks (about)

When I get nervous I bite my fingernails, which leads to hangnails infections and gross looking hands overall, so it’s important for me to keep my nails painted filed and shaped the way I like them. This is a personal preference but if something is important to you then you owe it to your body to take care of it.

3. Moisturizing

School kills my sleep schedule, leaving black bags under my eyes, and it stresses me out which leads to worry lines on my forehead. Using a daily face lotion along with washing my face and doing a daily skin regime, helps ease the damage to my face and takes the edge off my imperfections. I hate using a lot of foundation so I’ll do whatever it takes to make the bags and lines less prominent. Besides that, your face is the first thing people see so keeping it fresh looking is important.

 4. Eat Healthy

It’s easy to eat junk food, grab chips, or fill up on snacks throughout the day, but eating healthy food can help you be more energized, and lose weight without dieting at all. Eating snacks like humus and chips leave you filled with protein, and energy opposed to potato chips. Additionally, a yogurt or granola bar in the beginning of the day can keep you energized and avoid mid morning snack cravings. It’s proven that five mini meals, or healthy big snacks a day, can keep you healthier and fuller then just consuming three big

 5. Exercise

One of the most underrated, and easily ignored solutions to stress, being unable to focus, depression, and memory retention, exercise is something everyone should partake in at least a few times a week. Many people dread this because of the time it takes, and how results don’t come easily, but it doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Going on a light jog can lift your spirits by causing your brain to literally fire off feel good vibes. If you dislike running or just simply can’t find the time, taking a short break from studying to do a few push ups or simply walk around, do squats, or any number of exercises can improve your memory retention when you sit back down to continue studying. Exercise doesn’t have to be something to improve athleticism or build muscle mass, it can simply be a little thing to get your brain working.

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Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving,




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