Bras Begone!


Finding a quality bra that makes a girl feel comfortable as well as pretty is near impossible. Going bra shopping can be irritating and dissatisfying for the majority of teenaged girls, but luckily one of the latest fashion trends seems to have been picking up on the age old issue that girls face. The answer is, Bralettes.

Stores such as Aerie/American Eagle, and Free People picked up on this idea last spring after the crop top and high waisted hipster style of summer 2013/2014 swept teenaged girls wardrobes. They capitalized on the need for something to cover girls enough, but not take away the loose and free style of the clothes.

        Bralettes are cloth and lace alternatives to a normal bra; they usually don’t have padding and oftentimes fun colors, embellishments and fabrics that make them a great layering piece. Unlike other pretty undergarments, these Bralettes are not designed to stay completely hidden. Wearing them with crop tops or see through shirts, are completely acceptable, and stores have entire looks based around them. For instance, the loose fitting Brandy Melville dresses are impossible to wear with majority of bras, but the flowy “one size fits most” style, is perfect for lace bralettes.

        These bras come in many different styles, and more are developing from all stores. Aerie/ American Eagle are known for the racer back comfortable style, and now for people who don’t like a simple cloth layer they have padded bralettes. Stores like Free People and Anthropologie are quickly becoming noted for their halter necked style, but also offer a number of alternatives. This latest trend has me regretting the years i’ve spent struggling with a normal bra!

By: AJ


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