Quick Motivation


Okay, I Know it’s not Monday, but I personally needed some mid week motivation. This month has been horrendous, and I am beyond stressed. In order to keep my head up (as some of you might know) I am an avid fan of finding motivational quotes to keep me going (food for thought anyone???)

Making scary decisions doesn’t have to just be with colleges, jobs, and big bad stuff, making a scary decision to help you grow could literally be something as simple as picking a risky outfit. I need to remind myself to make small risks and decisions in order to keep myself going. Focusing piece by piece ultimately leads to a better end result. Eagerly awaiting the weekend with love,



Song Sunday 12

PicMonkey Collage

Here’s the latest edition of Song Sunday! Hope you guys like it!

  1. Forget- Marina and The Diamonds
  2. Pretend- Bad Suns
  3. Paris- Friendly Fires
  4. My Friends Never Die- ODESZA
  5. The Middle- Jimmy Eat World
  6. Bad Habit- The Kooks
  7. Suitcase- The New Electric Sound
  8. Fire Squad- J. Cole
  9. Lemonade- SOPHIE

Listen to SS Here

– Sophia ♥

My Chokers and How To Style

In the last year the trend of chokers has become more and more in style, and I just can’t get enough. I’ve been wearing chokers and high necked necklaces since probably fourth grade, and with it becoming more popular again, I’ve indulged and ended up buying and making more and more. SOOO I thought I’d go ahead and share some of the ones I’ve collected over time:

My babies just chilling with some clementines
My babies just chilling with some clementines…

One of my favorite parts about these trendy pieces is that you can layer a lot of them, or wear just one for a sophisticated and hot look. They can be fun, or fancy, and the styles are practically endless. Some of my chokers are looser fit and kinda lay around my collar bones while others sit higher up staying higher up (dare I say choking) my neck. To get more diversity from normal chokers I’ve even taken to using bracelets that were designed to be double or triple wrapped on your wrist as a necklace. Another beautiful thing with these necklaces is how they can really accentuate a neckline or add a whole new layer to an outfit. Some ways I style a few different types of chokers:

Choker: Home-made Shirt: Urban Outfitters  Lip Gloss: BareMinerals
Choker: Home-made
Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Lip Gloss: BareMinerals
Chokers: (bracelets) Unknown Shirt: Brandy Melville Bralette: Free People Lip Gloss: BareMinerals
Chokers: (bracelets) Unknown
Shirt: Brandy Melville
Bralette: Free People
Lip Gloss: BareMinerals
Choker: American Eagle Necklace: Free People Bralette: Free People Shirt: Pearl Star Lip Gloss: BareMinerals
Choker: American Eagle
Necklace: Free People
Bralette: Free People
Shirt: Pearl Star
Lip Gloss: BareMinerals
Choker: (bracelet) American Eagle  Shirt: Vintage Lip Gloss: BearMinerals
Choker: (bracelet) American Eagle
Shirt: Vintage
Lip Gloss: BearMinerals

The biggest choker trend right now that I’ve seen all over Instagram and other social media is probably the “Tattoo Chokers” or “Jelly Chokers” which were HUGE in the ’90s and have recently been brought back to style with a vigor. The traditional version of these are just black and can be worn around your neck as a choker or as a bracelet or depending on how big yours is (also how big your waist is) they can be worn like a body chain. A lot of people have also taken to making these in different colors and layering them with all sorts of other chokers and necklaces. I have not brought myself to buy one yet because I know how to make them and I really would rather make my own just out of pride but to show you guys I included two pictures I found on the internet.

Lots o love, AJ

via Tumblr
via Tumblr
via Tumblr
via Tumblr

Frosted Lips, a Frozen Kiss

IMG_9966An acrylic painting I did in one sitting. It could use some work, but it has a lot of emotions from the time I painted it, and I no longer feel the same way therefore it feels wrong to go back in and further the detailing. I started this painting as a finger painting, thinking about how each person has a unique vibe and energy to them. Recently, an old friend who I had lost contact with due to unfortunate circumstances came back into my life and through that friend I’ve begun to feel balanced again. Yes this painting is the moments leading up to a kiss, but in reality it is supposed to be more of a representation of a connection on a deeper level, something akin to soul mates. What are you opinions on soul mates? Do you think everyone has one? I would love love love to hear your guys’ views. It’s a topic thats really quite fascinating.

Love, Anna-Jean

Why I Hate March

March- the third month of the year, containing 31 days.

It’s officially my least favorite month of the year, March. There hasn’t been a year in my life so far, that I can remember, that I loved this month. Nothing happens. There’s no major holidays, no school break, nothing. Of course there’s St. Patrick’s Day, but come on what more can you do (unless you’re Irish and celebrate it of course) with that day other then wear green? We still have to go to school, so it doesn’t even feel like a holiday. Speaking of getting off from school, there isn’t a single day I don’t have to go to school in March! Not a single day. Because Presidents Break in February, and spring break is in April, March is kind of caught in between the two months. It’s too far away from the holidays, to still be on a holiday high, and not close to any other holiday or event to get excited for. Another thing about March is the weather. It sucks. It’s still cold, but your so close to warmer months that your just waiting in agonizing anticipation for April and May to come around, and for it to finally start to warm up. March is just full of annoying chilly temps.

It just so happens to be that March is also one of the longest months. Because February’s only 28 days, it seems to fly by, but March seems to last forever. After the 31 days are up, April finally comes, and I get excited for the upcoming Spring break. Just waiting for the long 31 days to go by, seems like a lifetime, which is just another reason to add to the list of why I hate March. That was my quick rant, and as you can all tell, I just can’t wait for this month to be over. I hope you all manage to have a better March then me, and that find something fun to do in the remaining 23 days.

-Sophia ♥

A Month in Review

Lately I’ve been realizing how fast time goes by. I can’t believe that I have less then 2 and a half years of high school left. Because I don’t have that much time left to spend with my friends before college, I’ve decided to make the most out of every opportunity. From now on, if someone asks me to do something, I’ll try my hardest to say yes, even if I’m tired. With this mindset, I got to do a few interesting things last month so, here is my last month in review. Let me know if you guys liked being able to “follow me around” for the past month.

Ice Ice Baby

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Hot & Cold

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Straight Fire

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Black & White

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White on White on White

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-Sophia ♥

Female Fashion Icons

March is Women’s History month and in order to acknowledge some of the powerful women out there I’ve picked my three favorite ladies (specifically in relation to fashion, but these ladies are more than clothes and fame).

1. Sophia Amoruso


A lot of people may not recognize this powerful woman, but she is the mastermind and creator of the rapidly growing and groundbreaking fashion label “Nasty Gal” (no its not a porn site). She created the company by selling vintage and second hand clothes and eventually building it up person by person to own her own web domain name, quickly grabbing people’s attention with her edgy fashion risks and no nonsense attitude. The fashion at Nasty Gal is for as Ms. Amoruso says, #girlbosses or girls who want to make a statement. I started really digging the store over the summer, finding a lot of my own fashion preferences on their site, and then this summer I found Sophia Amoruso’s book #Girlboss which tell her story, experiences, and has short excerpts of interviews with people deemed #Girlbosses. It quickly became one of my favorite books, and a huge inspiration, I would 10/10 recommend reading it.

2. Emma  Watson


A name most known for her 10 year iconic childhood role as the know-it-all Hermione Granger for the Harry Potter franchise, Emma Watson is so much more then a childhood star. A lot of people who get rich and famous young end up as mediocre adults, or repelling their image in Brittany Spears-Miley Cyrus styled tantrums, but not Ms. Watson. After finishing Harry Potter the actress cut all her hair off in a fashionably short pixie cut, an ingenious move to separate herself from her Harry Potter  persona. She did a few modeling jobs where she personally took my breath away, and then she seemed to disappear for a while. In reality she went back to school at Brown University where she finished a degree, making her educated as well as good looking and rich. She then returned to the movie scene in a perfectly portrayed role in the classic, Perks of Being a Wallflower. In recent year Watson has also become a big spokesperson for gender equality, and a proud feminist. She is helpful to the cause by showing that feminism is not about man hating. Having grown up an avid avid fan of Harry Potter, Emma Watson being Hermione, was a huge influence as me as a girl. As the franchise came to a close, Emma Watson’s influence on me fortunately did not and to this day I have unwavering respect for her as a model, actress, icon, and most importantly as a person.

3. Debbie Butler


Obviously, not many of you guys know my mom, but she is the most influential woman I’ve ever had in my life. Not only has she instilled values, and shaped my entire child hood, she is also to this day someone I am happy to call my best friend. Growing up she never said no to letting me dye my hair and cut my hair in bizarre ways or push the boundaries of fashion. I remember growing up all the other moms would be in work out clothes or mom jeans, but not my mom, she’d come down the stairs in platform wooden heels, or long hippie skirts, ripped muscles and edgy hair cuts. Always creative, blooming with good energy, and always ready to reason rather then fight I honestly hope to aspire to be a fraction of the woman she is. My mama is very into doing it yourself, and not waiting for other people, if she has a project she’ll slip into ripped jeans or her trusty overalls and get what needs to be done finished. Without her constant involvement, encouragement, I would not be remotely like who I am today and my mom without a doubt is someone worthy of being honored.

With love,